Central Baldwin County, AL

Central Baldwin County is a rural, wooded area, freckled with golf courses and a number of waterways. This area, like the rest of Baldwin County, has experienced a lot of growth in recent years. Foley, which is at the center of much of this growth, is also perhaps the most well-known city, though others include Robertsdale and Loxley.

Foley is home to one of Baldwin County’s newest developments: the Foley Sports Tourism Complex. This complex is brand new, but has already begun hosting national competitions for a number of different sports. There are numerous outdoor fields and an indoor stadium that can be used for these competitions. Near the sports complex, a family-friendly amusement park called Owa is currently under construction as of February 2017. As these new attractions draw more people to Foley, we can expect to see immense growth to this and to neighboring towns.